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S&P Global Co., Ltd. is the operator of S&P's restaurant businesses abroad. There are currently a total of 18 branches overseas, under the following brandnames.

Patara Fine Thai Cuisine – is a Thai restaurant that focuses on the upper-end of the market with an emphasis on exquisite presentation, authentic tastes, refined service and a sleek ambiance. Patara maintains the diversity of genuine Thai recipes, even though the majority of its clients are foreign diners.

In 2005, the London branches of Patara were honoured with the proud distinction of the PM Award 2005 (The Prime Minister's Export Award 2005) for Best Service Provider. The restaurants have also been voted by leading magazines as the best Thai restaurants in London .

Siam Kitchen – a casual Thai restaurant concept for the Singapore market. The menu concentrates on single-dish items for quick and convenient dining. The outlets are usually located in suburban shopping malls, to better reach target customers. The decor is modern, with Thai accents provided through the materials used. The Siam Kitchen formula has expanded rapidly and gained strong acceptance. The restaurants have also received the Halal certification, which has earned the trust of the large Muslim population in Singapore .

THAI – a contemporary Thai restaurant in Geneva , Switzerland . The menu reflects a harmonious blend of Thai and Western influences. The interior design speaks of a modern design with a distinctive Thai motif through a careful selection of materials.

Patio – an international restaurant in a stylishly relaxed setting. The menu deftly mixes contemporary culinary trends with updated, well-loved Thai favourites. The restaurant interiors are contemporary, with Thai design references to impart an Oriental warmth.


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